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Drumstrick or Moringa is a ‘Miracle Tree’ popularized for it life giving properties since ancient times the reasons every house holds a tree in it garden gives the best answer. Drumstick is the ideal plant to battle with the low nutrition, infections and inflammation and provides the best nutritional benefits much more than any other veggies available.

Moringa though entire tree is magical in treating the diseases yields more miraculous benefits with the fresh leaves usage. Moringa leaves are several time more powerful in treating the stomach bloating, pain, joint and knee pains, headaches, heart issues, anemia and other seasonal infections also blessing with the nutritional benefits.

See the miracles of Moringa in treating and healing and providing nutritional benefits listed here…..[divider]

cold and flu

1. Cold and Flu

Moringa or drumstick leaves are with medicinal values and is more efficient after boiling or in concoction state in curing the infections. Fresh leaves are filled with seven times more amounts of Vitamin C comparing with Oranges and are more efficient in treating cold and flu causing bacteria and viral infections. Consumed at least four times a week gives the body strong immunity power to fight with the diseases and shields the body.[divider]Diabetes

2. Diabetes

Drumstick leaves are one of the ancient best natural medicines in treating blood sugar levels in the body. Drumstick leaves are rich in iron, Vitamin A, C, calcium, potassium and antioxidant properties which are very efficient in instigating the more insulin release and helps in restraining the sudden spikes of blood sugars. Drumstick concoction consumed in the morning hours is the best treatment for the diabetes cure and control.[divider] pain-arogyamasthu

3. Relieve pains

Drumstick is used widely for the joints, knees and other body pains since ages as a home remedy by making a boiled paste or heat compressing the hot leaves to the joint regions. And when the same is consumed as a food it shows more effective results in treating the joint pains by releasing the inflammation, gas and swellings. The high antioxidant content of the drumstick leaves which are very beneficial in treating inflammations and healing the swellings and pains.[divider]strong bones

4. Strong Bones and Teeth

Drumstick is filled with the calcium deposits which are four times more than a glass of milk for one serving is very effective in providing strong bones and teeth formation. Consumption of its juice helps to resolve the calcium deficiencies even in the pregnant women without any side effects and also gives the infant good health. Drumstick juice also purifies the blood and releases the toxins to flush out of the body and helps in healthy functioning of the body parts.[divider]brain

5. Brain Nerves

Drumstick is a great source of potassium which is three times more than a Banana for one serving and is very efficient in treating the central nervous system. Potassium levels of moringa are 15 times more dominant in boosting the brain cells energy and making the nervous system effective in functioning. It also helps in relaxation of the body as its anti-inflammatory properties heal the body well from infections and inflammations.[divider]improves vision

6. Vision

Drumstick is rich in Vitamin A comparing to carrots its ten times more and plays a dominant role in treating night blindness, macular degeneration, cataracts formation and visual deficiency. Regular consumption of boiled drumstick leaves or juice is more prominent in treating the free radicals causing damage to the eye vision and the beta carotenes of it is very strong in restraining and curing the eye infections.[divider]cancer control

7. Cancer

Moringa is a dominant source of oleic acid the mono unsaturated fats very effective in reducing the free radicals formation in the body causing damage to the lipids of the cells. Regular consumption of moringa leaves yields the antioxidants and other micro nutrients to the body in shielding the body cells from the DNA damage and thereby restraining the cell damage and cancer cells formation.[divider]protects heart

8. Anemia and Strokes

Drumstick are high sources of iron, Vitamin A, C, K, potassium, calcium, aminoacids and flavonoids comparing to many other veggies and is more prominent in treating blood related and heart related issues without side effects. Iron richness and the vitamin K of moringa make it four times more effective in red blood cells formation and treating the anemic patients. And the high levels of potassium in the blood helps the blood cholesterol reduction as well as aminoacids and flavonoids acts as a charger to the nerves and muscles of the heart treating the blood clots and improving the contractions healthy leading to reduced risk of heart stokes.[divider]

Thus, Drumstick with a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids provides good health in restraining more inflammations more significantly.

Let’s Salute this TREE OF LIFE popularly known for its life charging qualities since ages……


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