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All of us experience the stage of crying several times in our lives. Crying is nothing but shedding of tears due to several reasons such as break down of relationships, frustration, etc. Tears flow down our cheeks making your eyes puffy and filled with salty water causing blurred vision. 

The researchers now revealed that crying benefits a lot to our health. They say that the good cry is always encouraged because crying releases out the negative energy and fills you up with positive energy which allows to be free from stress, emotions and depressions. Not only sad situations, sometimes happy situations also makes you cry with joy such as seeing your baby for the first time, meeting an close and old friend after many years,

According to the study, we humans produce 10 ounces of tears everyday which is almost 30 gallons a year. It was also calculated that women cries more than men i.e women cry 5.3 times per month while men cries 1.3 times per month.

The following are the health benefits of crying…..

1.  Releases the harmful toxins:flushes out toxins

Shedding of tears actually releases toxins from the body. It not only cleanses us mentally but also cleanses our body too. The toxins flushes out when we cry in the form of exhaling, urinating, sweating, etc. Such process of releasing the unwanted chemicals out from the body helps us in maintaining a good health.

 2. Improves vision:

improves vision

Crying actually clears the vision by killing the bacteria present inside the eyes. Tears actually bathe the surface of the eyes and maintain the adequate moisture in the eyes. The membranes of the eyes have to be well hydrated to maintain a good eye health. Crying helps the eyes to wash away the dust from the eyes.


3. Improves mood:improves mood

The best medicine for improving the mood and relieving from the stress is crying. It improves our mood and relaxes our emotions better than any other antidepressant available in the market. The people who cry gets relief from the stress easily than the people who sits feeling stressed and sad.

 4. Keeps the nose moisturized: nose moisturized

If you have ever noticed that you will experience a running nose when you are crying. This is because the tears enter into the nasal passage internally. These tears gets mixed with the mucus and forms into a liquid that flows out of the nose. Hence, crying keeps the nose moisturized and also helps to flush out the flush and toxins accumulated inside the nose.

 5. Kills bacteria and improves immunity:Kills bacteria and improves immunity

When we cry, the tears that comes out, contains the strong enzymes which acts as antibacterial anti fungal agents. They kill the harmful germs that are accumulated during the day. It cleanses the eyes and protects the overall health leading to improvement in the immunity.


6. Releases bottled-up emotions:Releases bottled-up emotions

Crying helps you to release the emotional feelings and allows you to face the pain and acts as a psychological tonic for your brain. In fact shedding tears helps you to relieve the mental tension in your brain and makes you relaxed. It does not solve the complete problem but encourages you to deal with the problem more effectively and efficiently. It motivates and challenges in performing a particular tasks easily.

 7. Boosts communication:Boosts communication

Sometimes, crying takes the place of expressing the words. If you are unable to express or convey your message, crying helps to pass the message in an effective way. It strengthens the relations between the people in a better way instead of arguments and silence.


Hence, it was proved that crying definitely does good to humans. When people lose the relations or emotions, a good cry benefits them.



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