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Many of us knew the benefits of eating a banana. But only few people are aware of health benefits of banana stem juice. The dishes of banana stem are prepared mainly in South India.

We hardly see the banana plants grown in cities due to the non-availability of space. They are mostly grown in towns and villages in their backyards. When the banana tree has borne the fruits, its stem is cut off and thrown. But few people who know its nutritional values and taste and health benefits, consume it in their diet. One of the main effective usage of banana stem juice is treating it for weight loss and curing kidney stones.

It is made up of a number of layers one below the other and all the layers are removed until it reaches the final stem where you cant remove the layers any more. It is full of dietary fiber and is used as a home remedy for many illnesses such as obesity, kidney stones, kidney stones, acidity, constipation, etc.

Let us see some of the health benefits of consumption of banana stem juice in our diet below…….


1. Detoxification:Detoxification

Banana stem promotes the production of urine. Hence, it flushes out the harmful toxins from the body. You can consume its juice as a treatment for curing kidney stones. Prepare the banana stem juice and mix it with cardamom or lime. It cures the kidney stone problems.


2. Prevents kidney stones formation:prevents kidney stone formation

The banana stem juice when mixed with lime becomes very effective and acts as a hindrance for the formation of kidney stones. Hence, your kidneys will be free from any kind of infections or stones in the future.


3. Helps to relieve from constipation:helps to relieve from constipation

Its juice or its stem when used in cooking makes you feel full and thereby leads to weight loss. At the same time, since it is full of fiber, it helps you to relieve from the problem of constipation.


4. Managing weight:Managing Weight

The fiber content in banana stem juice is very effective in removing the fat from the body. It slows down the process of releasing the sugars and fat into the blood stream. There by it helps in weight management efficiently. Add some butter milk or ginger to the juice to add taste and is very effective.


5. Controls acidity:controls acidity

Drinking banana stem juice also helps in relieving from the acidity problems. It cuts down the acidity producing cells and prevents chest burns.


6. Relieves from constipation:relieves from constipation

Intake of this juice helps in digesting the food properly and further helps in relieving from the constipation problems. It eases to pass the stools with out much effort and makes you feel relaxed.


7. Good for diabetic patients:control diabetes

Drinking one glass of this juice helps to improve the health of the diabetic patients. This juice is bitter in taste and helps in regulating the insulin in the body.


8. Fights UTI:fights UTI

To prevent or cure the Uninary Tract Infections (UTI), one should drink a glass of banana stem juice which helps in relieving from the irritation or burning sensation in the urethra.


These are the few top health benefits of drinking banana stem juice. It not only helps in curing different health ailments but also improves the over all health and immunity of the body.





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