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Amenorrhea is a medical condition where women miss the menstrual cycle for few months and not being pregnant or breast feeding mothers and during reproductive age.

This circumstance occur primary or secondary amenorrhea where primary represents for not having their first period of life and secondary as the absence of it after maturity. Primary amenorrhea possibly caused with the uterus dysfunction or improper growth or shape and is to be cured strictly under medical supervision. Secondary might cause starts with hormonal imbalances to stress and other medical conditions of the body. Curing both needs some special care relating to health as most of the secondary amenorrhea caused due to low weight, stress, depression, amnesia and hormonal imbalances and can be treated with foods that can cure the factors leading to amenorrhea.

Here are some interesting foods that can cure amenorrhea by satiating the deficiencies causing them……CHECK them…..[divider]


1. Banana

Banana the ‘poorman’s apple’ is holding vital nutrients and energy to help the body in various ways and also serves as a best healer to health issues including amenorrhea. Everyone is aware of that banana can ease digestion, bloating and gastric troubles but it also can cure the amenorrhea as it is having a soothing effect on uterus and instigates menstruation. Eating a banana helps to cure the absence of menstrual cycle that is secondary amenorrhea.[divider]almonds

2. Almonds

Almonds are the power blast of nutritious benefits that can fill the body with all vitamin and minerals required for strong and healthy body. As the weakness of the body or low weight is a reason for secondary amenorrhea and consuming almonds on daily basis satiates the requirement. Almonds have the healthy proteins and acids which are helpful to regulate the hormonal imbalance and help to cure amenorrhea naturally.[divider]honey

3. Honey

Honey is the best home remedial food for healing the menstrual cramps and pain during menstruation. It has the instigating effects on the uterus to ease the normal menstrual cycles by increasing the blood circulation and promotes the normal menstrual cycle. Honey direct consumption or mixing it with milk, tea, juices or any other foods helps to get the required effect to cure the secondary amenorrhea.[divider]papaya

4. Papaya

Papaya is filled with the minerals and vitamins that can heal the body from digestive disorders including amenorrhea. Papaya is known for its instigation of uterus and menstrual bleeding even in early pregnancy causing abortions. This is the best fruit with all the vitamin A, C, B complex, potassium, sodium and folic acids to maintain the body fluids and uterus health. Papain of unripe papaya is known for increase body temperature, enhances the metabolic rate and stimulates the ovulation.[divider]sesame seeds

5. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are the delicious choice for curing secondary amenorrhea and are the best remedy to cure the menstrual absence in natural way. Sesame seeds increase the body temperature and enhance the metabolic activities of the body and instigate ovulation. Sesame can be added to the recipes easily and makes it a tasty choice to cure secondary amenorrhea and precautions need to check the allergic conditions to your body.[divider]cucumber

6. Cucumber

Cucumber is the other healthy food to cure amenorrhea as it is filled with the best properties to stimulate the menstrual flow. The vitamins and mineral contents of the cucumber and the aminoacids of it help to instigate the blood flow to the uterus and helps in menstrual flow curing secondary amenorrhea. Eating, drinking its juice or mixing with other recipes helps to cure the trouble leading to menstrual absence.[divider]gooseberry-arogyamasthu

7. Gooseberry

Gooseberry is the power pack of nutrition with rich vitamin C and antioxidant properties. This little berry is with magical curing and healing effects on the body and also helps to energize the body and brain. It nourishes the reproductive system and relieves the stress and fights with the free radicals causing diseases. Amla helps to prevent the oxidative stress from the body and keeps the menstrual flow with the consumption of it on regular basis curing amenorrhea along with providing good body and hair health.[divider]Spinach

8. Spinach

Spinach is the green power house of energy and the vital minerals and vitamins required for the healthy body. The iron, calcium and potassium content of the body helps to increase the hemoglobin levels of the body and cure anemia the one of the cause leading to amenorrhea. Eating spinach helps to satiate the iron, calcium, potassium and other deficiencies of the body helps to regain the energy, instigation and start off the proper menstruation.[divider]

Here are the best foods to cure secondary amenorrhea with simple consumption…….


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