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A nail is made up of a hard and tough protein called Keratin. It covers the tips of the fingers and toes  and are basically made up of dead cells. 

The nail care is very important because the shape, length and texture reveals about your health, your hygiene habits and personal sense of style, etc. Just as we take care of skin, teeth and hair, we have take personal care about nails as well. If not, you may suffer from nail problems such as ingrown nails, nail or fungal infections, etc.

The unhealthy nails can seen to be very thick, discolored and may brittle easily. It is very easy to keep your nail clean and prevent the fungal infections.

Here are some of the tips to prevent the nail infections…

1. Keep your nails clean and dry:Keep your nails clean and dry

Healthy feet and nails resembles how hygiene you are. Just soak your feet in the warm water for atleast 10 minutes and then thoroughly clean and scrub your nails and feet with a soft brush. You can add 2 tsps of salt in the warm water to soak for effective cleaning. This makes the nails healthy and dry and also avoids fungal infections.

2. Cut your nails regularly:Cut your nails regularly

You should cut your finger nails and toe nails regularly and properly. You should see that the nails are not cut too close to the skin because it may cause severe pain when a pressure is applied on the skin of the nail. Use a clean nail clipper to cut the nails and avoid cutting the edges deep into the skin. Use a nail file to remove the sharp edges. This prevents the fungus to attack your nails.

 3.  Wear proper footwear:Wear proper footwear

Tight fitting and high heels footwear is one of the reasons for fungal infections. When the pressure is applied on the toes with out proper air circulation for a long time inside the shoe allows the dust to enter into the nails. If your shoes are pinching your toes and placing a lot of pressure inside the shoe, then it is better to discard such shoes to avoid fungal infections. The footwear should be comfortable and supportive to your feet which means it should not be too tight or not too loose.

  4. Moisturize your nails and cuticles:Moisturize your nails and cuticles

It is very important to keep your nails and cuticles well moisturized to avoid nail infections. Apply moisturizer regularly from top to bottom of the nails covering the cuticles as well. Olive oil is one of the best moisturizer which can be applied before going to bed every day. This helps the oil to penetrate into the skin making the skin in and around the nails soft and repairs the damages caused.

 5. Don’t do manicures or pedicures very often:Don’t do manicures or pedicures very often

Getting done manicures or pedicures once in a while in parlours is good for your nail health but if it is done very often damages the nail health. Manicures and pedicures in parlours use the chemicals and harsher ingredients for clean ups which may harm the nails. Instead it is better to do clean ups or manicures at home or use few home remedies for keeping the nails clean and dry.

 6. Stop over-washing your hands and feet:Stop over-washing your hands and feet

Even hand and feet washing is a must to keep them clean, over-washing them is not at all recommended because over-washing may expose your hands and feet to more infections and the nails may brittle and brittle easily. If you are in a profession where in washing frequently is a must, then you should see that you dry them when ever you wash your hands and feet. Also apply moisturizers regularly and mostly to your cuticles to avoid damages and infections to your hands and feet.

7. Avoid hiding ugly nails with polish:Avoid hiding ugly nails with polish

Do not cover the infected nails with a nail polish because it makes the problem even worse. The discolored, thick, and cracked nails are a sign of fungal infection. Since the nail colors contain chemicals in it, avoid polishing to prevent the loss of nails completely or the loss of nail matrix. In such cases, it is better to consult the doctor immediately for proper treatment.


These are the few tips to prevent nail fungal infections. It is always better to keep your finger nails or toes clean and dry and apply moisturizers regularly to maintain healthy and beautiful nails.




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