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Biting nails is a common habit that we come across in our lives. But many people complain that they tried a lot to quit the habit of biting nails but they failed to do so. Everyone of us have had bit our nails at any moment of time. 

Biting nails or sucking the thumb finger is a habit that usually starts in the childhood. Studies revealed that 60% of the children and 40% of the adults bite their nails frequently. But it becomes lesser and lesser as you reach 18 years of age. The main reasons and causes for biting nails is stress, feeling bored or sitting alone pushes their fingers into the mouth. This is done when they lack interest on a particular work and wants to make one par of the body occupied. This makes them relaxed and stress free. Frustration and loneliness are the additional culprits for biting nails.

There are many consequences that one have to face while biting nails namely, the dirt inside the nails may enter your stomach through the mouth leading to many health problems, the teeth may get damaged while biting the hard nails, some children may swallow the bitten nails which creates a health problem. In order to avoid such consequences, let us see few ways to prevent biting nails for some reason or the other which has become a habit.

1.  Trim your nails short:Trim your nails short

The first and foremost thing one has to do to stop biting nails is to trim their nails shorter enough so that it can lessen your chances of keeping the nails in your mouth to bite. If your nails are cut shorten, they will be less tempting to bite until it grows.

2. Apply bitter-tasting nail polish to your nails:Apply bitter-tasting nail polish to your nails

A bitter-tasting nail polish is available in the market which is safe to apply it to your nails which discourages you to bite the nails frequently. Hence, apply this nail polish and stop biting nails easily.

3. Get regular manicures:Get regular manicures

Spend some time and money to make your nails more attractive so that you wont put your nails in the mouth to spoil them. The beauty consciousness feeling about the nails prevents you from biting the nails.

4. Cover your nails with tapes or gloves: Cover your nails with tapes or gloves

When you feel tempted to bite the nails, try sticking the tape or wearing gloves to your hands which can prompt you not to bite the nails. This way you can forego the habit of biting nails easily and quickly.

5. Replace this habit with the good habit:Replace this habit with the good habit

When you feel like biting your nails, just try holding a stress ball or playing with the silly toys instead. This will make your hands busy and keeps your hands away from the mouth. This stops the bad habit of biting nails.

6. Identify the exact cause: Identify the exact cause

Sit back to identify the actual causes and reasons as to what makes you bite nails. Is it stress, boredom, frustration, depression, anxiety, rage, etc. causing yours nails to trim. After figuring out these triggers, plan to avoid such situations causing you to bite nails. This may help you to stop continuing the bad habit.

These are the few simple and effective ways to stop the bad habit of biting nails gradually. Quitting nail biting gives you a complete satisfaction and feel revealed of a bad habit.




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