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Abiu fruit is also known as Pouteria caimito which is originated from amazonic region from South America. It is called by different names in different countries.

Fruits contribute to the proper functioning and good health of the human beings. Many fruits that we consume are popular and familiar to us but few fruits are not known to us. Abiu fruit may not be popular enough but it offers many vitamins and minerals to our health. It is one type of sapodilla family. It is also called as yellow sapote.

When ripen, it turns to yellow with silky skin and is in round or sometimes oval shape. It contains Vitamin A, B and C. It also contains calcium, phosphorous, niacin and lots of fiber content which is essential for proper functioning of the digestive system and helps in relieving from constipation. It tastes sweet and has creamy flavor. It is best used in salads or can be eaten by scooping the inner jelly leaving the outer skin. It is best served when refrigerated.

Now lets view some of the amazing health benefits of abiu fruit or yellow sapote below:

1.  Improves vision:improves vision

Similar to carrots and tomatoes, abiu fruit contains Vitamin A which improves the eye vision and treats various eye disorders as well.

2. Boosts immunity:boosts immunity

Better immunity is a state of overall good health. Abiu fruit helps in improving one’s immunity since it contains Vitamin C. Once the immunity level increases, it body acts as a defense fighter against various infections and diseases. Consuming 100 gms of abiu fruit provides you more than the recommended amount of dietary vitamin C.

3. Good source of Vitamin B3 or Niacin:vitamin B3

Abiu fruit contains Vitamin B3 which is very much necessary for the health of the skin, nervous system and also proper functioning of the digestive system. Hence, people who suffers from skin problems can have abiu fruit added in their diet.

4. Relieves from respiratory problems:Relieves from respiratory problems

In Brazil, people use abiu fruit as a home remedy for cold, cough and any other respiratory problems. It has the ability to treat the respiratory problems like severe cold and cough, bronchitis and various infections related to lungs.

5. High in fiber content: avoid High-fiber foods

Are you aware of the fibrous fruits and its advantages? If you think that your body needs fiber content, then one can opt for abiu fruit. It helps in relieving from constipation and improves the digestive system. Since, it does not contain any fat content, it helps in controlling the body’s weight as well.

6. Healthy bones and teeth:Healthy bones and teeth

Abiu fruit is packed with calcium also. As we all know, calcium helps in improving the bone mass and also helps in strengthening the teeth. Hence, it is a very good diet for growing children and elderly people.


These are the few top health benefits of abiu fruit which can be added in your diet atleast once in a week, This helps in improving the over all health of the human beings and free from various diseases.  



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