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Yogurt is a semi solid food which is first discovered in Turkey. It is a sweet, sour and tasty food which is produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. This bacteria which is used to make the yogurt are called yogurt cultures.

The words yogurt and curd are used interchangeably by most people. It is high in proteins and calcium and is very beneficial for health to both adults as well as babies. Many doctors prescribe that yogurt can be introduced to the babies from the age 7 months since it helps to digest the food with ease and keeps the digestive system clean and healthy. It is also good for babies due to its calcium content in it. It makes your babies bones strong enough. Home made yogurt is good for infants after 7 months since it has the ability to break down the milk proteins by lactobacillus bacteria in to smaller parts which can be digested easily.

Here are some of the top health benefits of yogurt for babies…………

1. Aids in digestion:helps in digestion

Feeding babies with yogurt helps them in improving their digestive system. Infact, yogurt is easily digestible than milk. The live bacteria and active cultures in yogurt helps the babies to relieve from constipation, proper bowel movements, etc. Hence, see that your kids eat the yummy soft yogurt to be healthy.

2. Relieves diarrhoea in babies:diarrhoea in babies

Usually, kids before 1 year of age suffer from diarrhoea which means they pass the poo for more than the normal times. This also depends on how the baby is fed i.e breast fed or formula fed. If you are sure that your baby is suffering from diarrhoea, then try feeding the babies with yogurt provided your baby is above 6 months. It maintains the good bacteria in the gut and helps in killing the germs causing infections. It helps in easy movements in the gut.

3. Helps to sleep well:helps to sleep well

Feeding the babies with yogurt helps to sleep well since it contains the Vitamin B complex in it. Yogurt also contains magnesium which relaxes the muscles and gives the calming effect to the infants.

4. Increases the immunity levels:empowers body immunity-arogyamasthu

The bacteria in yogurt helps in increasing the immunity levels in babies. It fights against the infections causing diseases and maintains the overall health of the infant’s body. It also increases the resistance power to fight against various infections. It contains Vitamins A and D which are needed for a healthy immune system.

5. Helps in stronger bones:stronger bones

Yogurt contains calcium and all kinds of nutrients which helps in maintaining the bone health of the babies. Including yogurt in your infants diet during childhood helps to prevent osteoporosis later in their lives.

These are the five top health benefits of yogurt for babies. Try different recipes including fruits and feed your babies making them attractive. This helps your kids to stay with healthy bones and with the strong immunity.





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