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We are very aware of fitness today, but it is becoming much more difficult in this busy life schedules. And there are plenty of sources which are making us fat, especially the continuous work schedules, making us to sit hours in front of computers. Because it is where most of us spend the majority of our weeks.

By making your office into a friendly area where we can help our fitness too.

This can certainly help to prevent the form packing on those desk bound pounds at work. Try these simple tips at your work place….[divider]bottle

1. Keep water bottle always with you

Keep a water bottle always with you at your desk. This helps you to remember consumption of healthy drinking water than that of soda and coffee’s all day. Even for drinking of coffee we need to consume some water prior to it. This makes your body fill with hydration and the helps in reducing the zap of concentration from the work. This helps to gain energy as well as performance and also makes you fit all the way.[divider]walk to friends desk

2. Be active

This is the simple technique can be done at any place and very useful to make our body fit without knowing that we are working out. Go for small walk even in your office when you got a phone call and need to talk more minutes instead of sitting. Walk to your friend’s desk, in case needed small conversation instead of calling. Walk to the cooler, cafeteria instead of depending on housekeeping. Stretch, walk, do a couple of quick lunges, sitting down frequently in case of needs are very much useful to make you fit.[divider]sit straight

3. Sit straight

Sit straight and adjust your posture at work by making all the arrangements with this regard. Poor posture causes slouching, which may lead to the chain of unhealthy outcomes. Unwanted postures strain on the wrong joints, may cause health problems. Adjust your chair to make your spine straight, and adjust your computer screen at eye level, so that you don’t need to bend to see the screen clearly.[divider]use mint breath

4. Use mint breath

After finishing proper meal also our instincts sometimes motivate us to go for snacking and also having soda’s etc makes more calorie intake and makes you more obese and slow. So, try to brush or floss after the meal at office and also go for chewing a mint gum or using some mouth washes. Using mint flavor reminds you that we finished our meal and makes you not to look for more food.[divider]get a ball

5. Go with exercise Ball

Make available in office an exercise ball and try to spend time not completely on the chair. Sitting eight hours every day may not be killing you, but if you add those hours to the time you spend sitting in the car, sitting on the couch, and sitting at the table, we are spending most of our life on our butt. Take some wear off your spine by sitting on an exercise ball. It is a great way to strengthen the abdominal, spine and muscles that makes us fit as well as we can continue our work. Initial we may struggle for sitting on the ball for long times but try to make yourself more even with some small intervals.[divider]

The best thing at work is on a regular schedule is that we have to built in structure for the day. The small changes in the work place habits makes our fitness to upgrade along with your career.

Just organize your work, come out of stress, and stretch your body more at work as more as possible.

Set aside time to eat a healthy diet, and get out of snacking distractions. Keep your way to go with healthy ones than that of going with instant foods, and preservatives.



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