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It is totally within our control to increase the longevity of life. An average age of an American is calculated as 78 years approximately. Everyone of us wants to live longer and healthier. Whether you reach a specified age or more completely depends on your genes inside the body. 

Probably, everyone of us are aware that by following few tips such as taking balanced diet, regular exercises, being far away from bad habits like cigarettes, intake of alcohol, etc, and maintaining healthy weight can make a person free from diseases and improves the overall health of the body. As a result, the longevity of life increases.

Read on to know few surprising ways, habits and changes in lifestyles which helps you to live longer…..

1. Adopt a furry friend:adopt a furry friend

It was revealed that a four-legged companion is essential in one’s life. Experts also believed that owning a dog will make the owner more active and happier. This in turn also reduces the risk of heart diseases and allows you to live longer. Hence, researchers suggested that owning pets in life add years to lives.


2. Have more sex:Have more sex

Many studies revealed that sex is beneficial for health. Sex makes you feel happier and it allows to work out on every muscle in the body. It was proved that it boosts immunity and reduces the stress levels of a person. When every muscle in the body are active enough, and functions well, there are lesser risks of heart diseases and strokes in future. As a result, having sex atleast thrice a week, helps you live longer.

3. Have a positive attitude:Have a positive attitude

Always have a positive attitude towards others which makes you feel satisfied and happier. You should have positive outlook in life, easy going, optimistic, full of laughter. Try taking occasional breaks at work and watch few silly videos in YouTube, chat with friends in your free time, etc. This will helps you in decreasing the blood pressure, sugar levels, lowers stress, and in turn makes your body healthier. This again makes you live longer in life.

4. Be social:Be social

Many studies revealed that there is a strong link between how social you are and life span. People with strong social relationships are 50% more likely to continue longevity in life than those who have weaker social relationships. Being social also reduces the risk of heart diseases in one’s life. On the other hand,loneliness or not able to mingle with others, increases the stress levels, lowers immunity, and also finds it difficult to fight off many diseases. Hence, being social helps you to live longer and healthier in life.

5. Go for nuts:Go for nuts

However eat, either snacking cashews, sprinkling on salads, or stiring with yogurt, opting for nuts in your diet is beneficial for your health. Studies also revealed that people who ate nuts atleast thrice in a week are less likely to have heart diseases than the people who do not ate nuts at all. Since nuts are high in antioxidants, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, consuming nuts lowers the risk of heart diseases and reduces the mortality rate. Therefore,it increases the life span.

6. Start your mornings with coffee:Start your mornings with coffee

A good kick start by sipping a cup of coffee early in the morning also helps you in increasing the longevity in life. Many studies revealed that morning coffee can reduce the risks of chronic diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. But remember that too much coffee can create health problems again and may interfere with calcium absorption in the body. Hence, limit the intake of coffee to once in the morning which makes you live longer and healthier.

7.  Snooze soundly:Snooze soundly

The quality and period of time allotted for sleep in your daily routine also helps you in the longevity of life. Studies have revealed that 6 hours of sleep is essential for maintaining a good health. Sleeping shut eyed also benefits the health. Hence, it was revealed that sleep deprivation and longevity of life are linked which in turn reduces the risks of deaths.

8. Ditch soda:Ditch soda

Earlier studies have suggested to avoid soda to lose weight but even if you are not overweight, avoiding diet soda improves your overall health and also helps you in increasing the life span. Consuming soda is directly linked to aging according to health experts.

9. Run 5 minutes a day:Run 5 minutes a day

It is very good to run for atleast 5 to 10 minutes in a day for gaining health benefits. It is not necessary to run for 1 hour or more to increase the life expectancy by reducing the risk of heart diseases. Studies also revealed that people who ran regularly as part of the physical exercises can get clear health benefits. Once the overall health is improved through physical activity, it leads to increased life span of a person.

10. Stop sitting too much:Stop sitting so much

Sitting too much will not only leads to various health benefits but also leads to obesity. Experts suggested that it is good to take a break in your busy work schedule by standing or go for a walk in between to boost your longevity of life. many studies have concluded that there is a direct link between the sedentary time and health benefits and increased life span.


These are the top 10 ways through which you can increase the life span with no extra effort. Many health problems heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, immunity system, obesity, etc can be controlled and your body starts functioning properly. All this leads to longevity of life in the long run. 







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