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Studies say that almost 90% of all cases of male infertility are due to a low sperm count. Though it is a common problem in men, it decreases the chances of fertility.

Most people believe that only medicines can increase the sperm count, but it is not always true.

All that you need to do is maintaining sperm quality is a healthy diet which provides the body and increases the sperm count with these simple home remedies.[divider]nuts and seeds-arogyamasthu

1. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are very healthy diet which are filled with those healthy nutrients which gives the body complete nutrition required to strengthen the body and can produce healthy sperm more in number. Take almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and raisins and eat ½ bowl of its mixture daily. In few days you can see the magical improvement of the sperm count.[divider]mango-arogyamasthu

2. Mango

The vitamin E of mango abundantly present in mangoes helps to regulate hormones and boost the sperm count. Men with low libido should eat a lot of mangoes and ripe mangoes fruit regularly can improve the semen count.[divider]black gram-arogyamasthu

3. Black gram

Black gram is basically a health booster, it helps in improving the immune system that would help to fight many infections caused by virus, bacteria and parasites, etc. it is beneficial herb for the nervous system and combats many ailments of the nervous system and improves the sperm count. Take half cup of roasted black gram, and mix it with milk and boil it to 10 minutes. Mix ½ cup of sugar and a pinch of cardamom, raisins, nuts and make kheer or payasam. Consume it regularly in night time.[divider]bengal gram-arogyamasthu

4. Bengal gram

Choline of chick pea is a very important and versatile nutrient that help with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory. It also helps to maintain cellular membranes, aids in the tranmissin of nerves impulses and assists to improve sperm count. Mix Bengal gram flour with pieces of dry dates and add milk and sugar and consume it frequently to improve the sperm count.[divider]dates and honey-arogyamasthu

5. Dates and Honey

The vitamins present in dates and honey make it an ideal boost to nervous system of health and functionality. Potassium is one of the prime ingredients in promoting a healthy and responsive nervous system and it also improves the speed of the semen. Consumption of two spoon of crushed and ground dry dates in milk with honey everyday will improve the sperm count.

carrot halwa-arogyamasthu

6. Carrot halwa

According to the studies men who ate raw carrots or cooked halwa increases the sperm count. So improve quality and the count of the sperms one can feed on plenty of carrots. So, try to consume carrots raw, cooked, or in any way to reach your healthy sperm count. Carrot halwa is best among as it contains all nuts, ghee and other healthy food.[divider]water gourd-arogyamasthu

7. Water gourd

Mixture of bottle gourd juice acts as an effective medicine for insomnia. The juice is very useful in treating the premature ejaculation and also improving the healthy sperm count. Eating water gourd or drinking juice of it also helps to the improvement.[divider]cucumber for sperm count-arogyamasthu

8. Cucumber

Cucumbers are 95 percent water, keeps the body hydrated and helps in elimination of toxins and antibodies that decreases the sperm count. It has the most vitamins which is needed to the day to day activities of the body and serves as a good booster in increasing the sperm count. Tender a cucumber daily.[divider]jack fruit-arogyamasthu

9. Jack fruit chutney

Jack fruit is filled with essential vitamins needed for the body metabolism and also boosts up energy. The potassium present in this fruit helps lower blood pressure and activates the nervous system. Eating jack fruit or making chutney of increases the sperm count magically.[divider]bel fruit-arogyamasthu

10. Bel fruit

Bel fruit is another interesting fruit to improve the sperm count. Its stimulants helps in boosting up the sperm count and the antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities helps in fighting with the antibodies causing damage to the sperm count. Daily consumption of bel fruit improves the sperm count.[divider]

Try these home remedies to improve the hormonal variations, as the deficiency in testosterone is the common culprit of low sperm motility. This can be easily resolvable with these simple remedies naturally. If you are experiencing low sperm count these are the natural therapies that have been shown proven results in increasing the sperm count and health.

So, Go natural and Get impressive results, without any Harm.


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