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Every parent experiences the situation in their lives about developing the healthy eating habits of their children. They have to follow few eating tips for kids so that they grow healthier and stronger.

It is common that the children refuse to eat healthy food or end up with out filling their stomach or often leaves the entire food on the floor. Healthy eating eating in children can increase their energy levels, sharpen their minds in education or any kind of work they do. Parents has to make a habit in eating healthy to their kids which will have a long term impact on their lives in future. Below mentioned are the top eating tips for kids….. [divider]

1. Eat breakfast:eat-breakfast

As we all know that eating a healthy breakfast is a must for a healthy and strong body, just create a habit of eating break fast compulsorily in the early age so that it stays long as they get older and get habituated. Try educating your kid that breakfast, even if it is a banana or a glass of milk gives a kick start through out the day and makes them healthier. [divider]

2. Choose healthier snacks:Choose healthier snacks

When the children feels hungry, they tend to opt for chips or chocolates or biscuits. Tell them that these snacks are unhealthy and low in nutrients. Try filling your cupboard with healthy food items such as fruits, nuts, yogurt, milk, etc. , so that they make a habit of eating only healthier snacks only. [divider]

3. Drink plenty of water:Drink water

Create a habit of drinking plenty of water as their first choice and you can give fruit juices or sweetened drinks occasionally. Tell them that juices are rich in nutrients and acts as an energy booster for active growing babies. Ask them to keep their body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water which is beneficial for their health. [divider]

4. Grow plants:grow plants

Teach the children to grow the plants from where the nutritious food is available. It will be a fun for them and eat the vegetables or fruits if they grow on their own. This way you can encourage your kid to have a variety of foods which are healthier. [divider]

5. Eat together:Eat together

Make a habit to your children to eat along with you near the dining table instead of sitting in front of the T.V or pulling the snacks from the table when ever they are hungry. If the children sit together on the table along with the family, they will improve the social skills and reduce the bad habits such as grabbing the snacks or watching T.V while eating, etc. Through this you can also teach the nutrirtional values present in each food that they eat daily. [divider]

6. Have fun in the kitchen:Have fun in the kitchen

Children tend to eat more when they know how to cook a particular food item. Let them help you in the kitchen by giving their own aprons and assign them some simple tasks regularly in the kitchen. As they become older and older, and once they are confident enough, ask them to cook once in a week so that they chose the healthiest recipe to eat. [divider]

7. Eat slowly:eat slowly

Tell your children to eat slowly and ask them to chew the food properly so that it helps to digest the food faster. It also helps in controlling the weight at any age. Eating slowly is one of the mechanism to be healthy and fit for your children. It helps the children to grasp the message that they are full at one point of time. [divider]

8. Be creative:Be creative

All the fruits and vegetables are of different colours with an attractive effect. Offer your kids with a variety of different colours of diet each day. This makes them attracted towards the food to eat with out any force. Garnish the food items with different natural colours which seem funny and interesting to the children. [divider]

9. Learn when to stop:Learn when to stop

Most of the parents urge the children to eat more quantity feeling that they are half filled. But many children have the ability to tell if they are full enough. Teach them to ask their tummies if they are full or if they feel sick by eating junk food, etc. This will develop an ability to judge when to stop or when and what to eat. [divider]

10. Don’t give up:Don't give up

Do not give up if the children are hesitating to eat or try a new taste. Make a habit to introduce new tastes to the children atleast 5 to 6 times until they are used to it. Teach them tasting a wide variety of food is good for health and they understand as they grow up. [divider]

These are the top 10 eating tips that you can follow for the children to be healthy and strong.


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