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Insomnia is the sleep disorder causing trouble to get sound sleep at night and refreshing energy during the day.

Insomnia though of different kinds includes primary, secondary, temporary, acute and chronic based on the causes leading to this condition. If insomnia is due to medical conditions need to take clinical help to cure the same. In case it deals with the other environmental or psychological or habitual reasons need to change the root source causing insomnia.

Here are few interesting tips to cure insomnia occurred due to conditions involved other than medical issues like…..[divider]

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1. Bed room atmosphere

A room with good ventilation and peaceful atmosphere is the best support environment to get good sleep. Keeping the bed room clean and tidy including the bed sheets, pillows and curtains is the way to get sound sleep. And comfortable coolness of the bed room temperature and noise free environment makes the atmosphere to sound and peaceful sleep.[divider]sleep

2. Regular timings

Sleeping regularly in the same time is also another scheduling factor to the brain cells to be acquainted with the routine. Keeping the time schedule to go to bed on the same time on daily basis helps to make our biological clock to adjust for the same without any difficulty and keeps the trouble of insomnia away from the system.[divider]diets

3. Wise Diet

Choosing the wise diet in the dinner like not including the oily, fat, greasy and spicy foods that might cause acid refluxes during the night is the best option. And with the light food before the bed is the best partner to you to snooze. Keeping away the caffeine, alcoholic beverages, dairy products, meats and foods that take long time to digest is another best way to get rid of insomnia.[divider]quit smoking

4. Quit smoking

Quitting smoking not only helps to the respiratory health also includes to get rid of the trouble of insomnia condition. As nicotine is a stimulant that might cause the brain nervous system to be recharged for longer time makes not get sound sleep. Smokers are the least satisfied comparing with the non smokers during the sleep and feeling refreshing during all the day.[divider]no tvs

5. Away from TV’s and Computers

Keeping your bed room long away from using television and computers helps you to relax completely without causing disturbances. Lot of people use tv or computers till they fell asleep is the worst thing to do as it might not give you peaceful sleep though you have slept for several hours. The light of these goods suppress melatonin production and acts as a stimulant to the brain and makes it difficult to relax properly.[divider]yoga for

6. Yoga

Practicing yoga postures or pranayama techniques gives the body and mind the total relief from all the tensions of the day. Regular practice of some yoga postures gives the peace of mind as well as peaceful sleep. Use meditation and power yoga to cure the troubles causing insomnia and getting sound peaceful sleep.[divider]no workouts

7. No Workouts

Physical exercises and workouts are the healthy choice to the body and brain health but the same show negative results if done before bed. Exercises and workouts need to be finished at least prior to 3 hours of bed time makes your body to get good rest. If not the exercises elevates the body temperature and takes time to cool down and the sleep schedule changes leading to temporary insomnia.[divider]quick nap

8. Quick Nap

Smart and quick napping is the other choice to get the complete rest to the body in case you have not got enough sleep during night. A quick few minutes of nap gives the brain cells to relax and helps to stress free. This helps to get rid of the dizziness occurred due to insufficient sleep in night and the same can be compensated in the day. But be careful that these naps should not be for longer times and it should not disturb the natural sleep schedule or cycle.[divider]

Here are the few important tips to taken care off to get sound and peaceful sleep that gives total body and brain relaxation……and getting rid of Insomnia.



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