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Skin rashes are very common in babies especially in infants below two years as the skin sensitivity prone the rashes if not taken proper care and caution.

Few among the rashes are not dangerous and go off in few days but some of them are harmful to the health of the infants. To understand the difficulties of caused by these skin infections or rashes it is important to find out the various types of these rashes and their symptoms. The child might not show any unhealthy symptoms then the rashes might be harmless but in few cases child might show vomiting, fever, breathing problems and irritations need to take immediate medical help.

Here we have enlisted few of the skin rashes that might occur to the infants due to various infecting agents like…..[divider]


1. Milia

Milia is shown in new born babies showing some 1-2 mm white spots or bumps that develop on the nose and face areas. These are usually occurred due to the blockage of oil glands in the region and normally disappear in few days of birth as the oil glands enlarge and open up as the child grow from days to weeks.[divider]baby rash

2. New Born Rash

New born rash or erythema toxicum is the red blotches shown on the 2 to 3 days newly born babies and vanishes in few days. It’s a normal condition in the new born when exposed to the outer conditions from the mother’s womb and naturally disappears with the time pass on without any medicinal usage.[divider]baby acne

3. Neonatal Acne

Neonatal acne or pink pimples or baby acne is a condition of the new born developing acne or pimples like teenagers. This condition is caused due to the maternal hormonal effects on the baby at the time of womb and is cured with the time with no treatment. These pimples are shown on all over the face of the baby and are disappeared in days to weeks passing on. Cleaning the face with mild moisturizers help to treat them early and clear off the skin properly in most of the cases but in rare cases it might needed medical help if not cures within 3 months of age.[divider]measles 1

4. Measles and Rubella

Though these rashes are 90 percent taken care off with the available for measles and rubella viruses usage at birth.  But still in few cases the disease showing its impact in infants below age of 15 months and again at the age of 4 to 5 years. The common symptoms shown in both the conditions are rashes in the body, flat red spots, fever, cough and irritation of the child. This rash needed immediate medical help to avoid severe danger to the child.[divider]chicken pox

5. Varicella

Varicella or chicken pox is other skin rash causing red pimple like marks with water filled bubbles resembling mosquito bites. Within few days the blister burst out and leaves scabs and scars which gradually disappears with the time. The symptoms of chicken pox can be identified with the skin patches associated with the symptoms like fever, congestion, mouth ulcers, stomach pain or ulcers and uneasiness in infants. The rash is extremely itchy and is difficult to maintain the infant from scratching off the rash and cause more damage. As this is contagious keeping other children away from the infected child and proper medical care with proper nursing can cure the rash. Though vaccine is available in few cases few types of chicken pox are shown up even after vaccination in infants.[divider]molllusks

6. Mollusks

Mollusks or molluscum contagiosum is a common child rash caused due to viral infection and shows up tiny, raised bumps on the skin. The mollusks are about 2 to 5 mm in diameter with pale, red flesh colored or yellow or grayish white bumps with a small dent in the center. These bumps usually cause itching and irritation to the child and though disappears in few days or weeks but medical attention is suggested to avoid severe damages.[divider]nappy rash

7. Nappy Rash

Nappy rash or diaper rash normally occurs at the nappy area of the babies as the skin becomes moist, red, irritated and itchy due to the prolonged exposure to the urine and stools. This fungal infection might cause serious damage if neglected the symptoms and needed medical help. This rash can be completely avoided with simple preventive measures by applying drying creams and changing the diapers as early as possible after the urination or stools of the infants.[divider]eczema

8. Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that are of different types and shows itchy, red, dry and cracked skin conditions of the infant skin. The common eczema in children is usually atopic eczema and might also suffer others like seborrhea and contact dermatitis which affects the infants of months to years. Proper medical help is required to cure the irritation and long term usage of the same is needed as the disease might reoccur in most of the cases. Proper hygiene with proper medication is the best way to keep the disease away from the infants.[divider]


Here the few important disease that might occur to infants of days to months causing severe discomfort and trouble not only to them and to their parents too. Treating at RIGHT time with RIGHT medicine is the best cure.






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