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Now a days people who are suffering from mental health are increasing due to stress, competition, loneliness etc many other aspects. If some one is suffering we offer  to apply as bandage or plaster as a first-aid. But how many of us will help and even support a friend or a colleague who are suffering from mental health crisis ?

Even though mental health problems cannot be identify or visible to us or even go untreated, if you find an unusual behaviour out the person you know well, identify as a sign they might be developing a mental health condition. So you can take six simple way to support/help them to get out from the crisis.

1. Begin a Conversation :

Find a quiet space without disturbed start asking the person normal way how HE/SHE is ? make sure you really mean it and interested to knowing how they are doing OK or not.

2. Don’t make Slick remarks :

Don’t make slick comments or telling someone to ‘cheer up’ isn’t helpful either. Try to understand and show empathy if someone is opening up to you and take them seriously.

3. Listen Really :

You will really understand the person when you surely try to listen HE/SHE saying without judging them and being irrational. Don’t offer quick solution and giving them the assurance they are being heard and you will be them when they needed.

4. Discuss any practical issues :

Some time a mental health crisis induced practical matters which concerns about taking care of pets, house, bills, scared to go alone to GP etc. If you thing any these problems you may try to help support and be by them.

5. Offer support :

If HE?SHE is suffering from mental health problems, they are scared to first consult GP thinking it’s nor necessary or even an extreme that they don’t need. So try to offer help to go with them to GP or if in extreme distress be with them through emergency care or emergency call to get the support.

6. Keep continue conversation :

Try to make sure you will be there for HE/SHE even they are getting medical help and be support they could turn to when they need to explain their problems.

So these simple six ways act as first aid for supporting mental health patients and help all those who might be near you but couldn’t them a support for themselves.


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