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There are plenty way to shed up your pounds quickly by doing dieting & some weight loss theory. But what happen when you continue your lifestyle and habits same will going to regain your weight again?. To keep pounds off permanently it is best to loose weight slowly. While experts say you can still loose weight without diet but just by simply changing your lifestyle in right way.

These are simple, plain less stratagies which helps you loose weight without going on a diet.

First we have to know fat & calories we have shed everyday..

First you should know that One pound of fat  is equal to 3,500 calories. So for loosing weight daily cut down 500 calories  by using a dietary plan and different exercises , by week you loose 1 pound. But to maintain your current weight you just need a plan accordingly by cutting out only 100 calories daily which is enough also avoid the extra 1-2 pounds most adults gain each..

Eat Breakfast Everyday :

Many that skipping off breakfast is a good way to cut calories but they usually end up eating more through the day. The Pocket Idiot’s Guide author Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, to the New Food Pyramids “Studies show those people who eat breakfast daily have lower BMIs compare to breakfast-skippers, also they perform better, either at school or in the boardroom.” So if possible Try a bowl of whole-grain cereal topped with fruit, a low-fat dairy for a quick and nutritious start to your day.

Trim Portions:

You can just try to reduce off 10-20% of the portions of food you eat daily by doing nothing you can just loose your weight. By using the measuring cups by small bowls, plates and cups, control the food by handle on portion sizes.

Choose Liquids Wisely :

The best helpful way to reduce and to maintain your weight is by intaking moving from solid foods to liquids. Your can drink water, juices like prune, oranges ,cranberry , skimed-milk which has low calories also helps bring a glow on your face and body. Try a glass of nutritious or low-calorie vegetable juice in between meals to hold over hunger. Be careful that alcohol calories, which add up quickly. Try to limit alcohol drinking a glass or two of wine or a cocktail on most days,  to the weekends can be a huge calorie saver.

More on Grains :

Choose whole-wheat breads, brown rice, pastas, bran flakes, whole-rye crackers, popcorn they can fill up your need instead of cakes, white-bread, pretzels etc.

Have Protein at Every Meal and Snack:

By Adding daily a lean meat or low-fat protein and a snack to each meal will helps you feeling and keep you full longer less likely to overeat. Try eating small portions with low-fat yogurt, nuts, eegs, beans peanut butter, or lean meats. Experts also recommend by eating frequent meals and snacks (every 3-4 hours),in small portions keep blood sugar levels steady also avoid overindulging.

Eat more fruits and salads:

Eating lots of low-calorie, high-volume fruits and vegetables helps lower fat and calories. So try eating lunch or dinner starting with a vegetable salad or bowl of broth-based soup healthy to your body, so choose wisely. Store a plenty of fruits and vegetables in your kitchen so every meal and snack, include a few servings.

Switch to Lighter Alternatives:

If possible, use the low-fat versions of salad dressings, mayonnaise, dairy products, and other products wherever you can. Start to choose wisely trim your calories effortlessly by using low-fat and lighter products, mix it with other ingredients,so no one will ever notice what you eat.

More Smart Alternatives:

Use salsa or hummus as a dip; spread sandwiches with mustard instead of mayo; eat plain roasted sweet potatoes instead of loaded white potatoes; use skim milk instead of cream in your coffee; hold the cheese on sandwiches; and use a little vinaigrette on your salad instead of piling on the creamy dressing.

Stock kitchen:

A simple and easy thing to change is just stock up your kitchen with healthy foods. This will help you to adapt eating healthy way also reduce your temptation to resturants frequently. While eating at parties, just choose some heathier snack before indulging your starving and always be selective while filling your plate at  buffets. One more simple thing, before going back for more food, wait at least 15 minutes and have a big glass of water.

Sleep Early and Brush your teeth:

Eat your dinner early and as after you are full close your kitchen and brush your teeth .This helps to reduce those extra calories and desire you to eat more even though you are not hungry.

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