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Infertility by Fruits and Vegetables:

Do you eat Fruits and vegetables every day. Beware, it may cause a serious damage to your sperm count, says Dr. Jorge Chevvarro, Harvard professor of Nutrition. consuming daily fruits and vegetables with high pesticides residue may decrease your sperm count.

Research findings showed that the poor semen quality is the leading cause of unsuccessful attempts to achieve pregnancy, the most common problem among young men who consumes most heavy pesticide fruit and vegetables compare to those with moderate and low pesticide residue. Researchers opined that the study yielded significant results, for increased interest on further research in the concerned field that provide additional evidence of harm is needed before changes are made in agricultural pesticide guidelines or restrictions. Researchers said that men shouldn’t let the study results dissuade them from eating fruits and vegetables, but may be consider consuming organic produce and avoiding produce with high pesticide residue.


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