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Sinusitis is an inflammation caused into the nasal sinuses situated adjacent in the nose cavities causing irritation, blocks, swelling in nasal tissues and thereby increasing the breathing problems and headache.

There might be many ways of curing this sinusitis with medicines and therapies but here is the simple way which clears the sinus blocks as well as fills your appetite...Onion and Garlic Soup

Yes, this is the tasty way of getting rid of sinus related troubles. Try it and Feel Free and Full.[divider]

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Servings: 2 people[divider]


·         4 cups of Bone broth / Veg Broth

·         3 onions Red/White

·         2 full Garlic globes

·         1 tsp of Ginger crush/paste

·         One bay leaf

·         1 tsp Chopped coriander leaves

·         2 tsp of olive/coconut oil

·         Salt to taste

·         Black pepper powder for seasoning


Preparation of Bone broth/Veg broth


·         100 gms Chicken/veggies of your taste (carrots, beets, cabbage, cauliflower etc)

·         One onion

·         5-6 garlic cloves

·         ½ tsp of turmeric

·         1 inch cinnamon

·         3-4 cloves

·         ½ tsp of black pepper seeds

·         Salt to taste

How to prepare

veg stock

Take a 100 grms of chicken and add 6 cups of water and add all the ingredients into it and pressure cook it for about 3-5 pressures. Allow it to cool and cook without lid for about 5 more minutes in medium. Then strain the mixture and you can use the cooked chicken into any other recipes. The left water is the chicken broth. The same can be for the vegetable broth instead of chicken we add different veggies of our sort which is usually used in preparing broth.


Preparation of Soup


onion fry

Cut the onions and garlic cloves into small pieces. Take a frying pan and add 2 tsp of olive/coconut oil and then add the onions and fry it till soft and now add the chopped garlic and also fry them till onions turns into golden brown. Now add the garlic crush and just sauté it for a minute. Grind them into a soft paste by adding some water in case of necessary.


onion soup

Take a thick bottomed pan or cooker and mix the paste, some water and broth well add the bay leaf too. Make it into boil under medium flame and allow it to cook well. Add salt as per the taste and requirement of your body.


serve soup

After the mixture turned into soup consistency and remove the bay leaf. Take into serving bowls.


garnish with pepper

Season the soup with black pepper and coriander leaves and required some roasted bread as per taste. Drink while hot.[divider]

This simple onion-garlic soup serves as the best treat for the sinus infections and makes the body heat. It releases the blocked mucus in nasal sinuses and allows the nose running. This hot soup serves as a best instant treat for the respiratory related infections as well as pains.

Make the use of this simple and spicy soup to enrich your immunity in cold affected times as well in cold seasons.

Just a Mouth full of Soup gives your Sinus a speed Break….


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