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Cholesterol is a fatty liquid found in the body tissues and blood plasma of vertebrates .Cholesterol is a substance produced by the liver and is essential for every cell in the body. It  enters the body through the saturated fats that are contained in certain foods. The Cholesterol are of  two types of cholesterol, one is considered as “Good” the other as “Bad.” The Cholesterol mostly leads to a number of health problems like heart diseases or stroke that are associated with high levels of cholesterol.  To have a long and healthy life, it is important that you should  keep your cholesterol levels low.

Foods that contains Low Cholesterol:

To keep your cholesterol levels lower, you should consume foods which help to reduce it. The above are some food items which have low cholestrol ;

  • Consuming Garlic clove everyday helps in reducing cholesterol level
  • Green vegetables and fruits
  • Soya beans and Soya products
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Oat bran
  • Onion juice
  • In Non- Veg Fish, which is not fried.
  • Whole grains and Cereals
  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Almonds and Walnuts
  • Yeasts  and Wheat Germ  

It is difficult to reduce down completely cholesterol.  So Try to eat more Healthy and natural food and avoid foods which have High Cholesterol and Saturated fats such as eggs, organic meats, beef, butter, cheese, whole milk should be consumed less.

Home Remedies for Reducing Cholesterol:

The above are home remedies which you can try in your home to reduce blood cholesterol levels in your body ;

  • Drink Plenty of  of water at least 8-10 glasses everyday.
  • Try to do exercise or practicing Yoga which are beneficial for lowering the blood cholesterol.
  •  Consume foods  which contains more rich fiber diet regularly for good results.
  • Try to cover your abdomen with Mudpack and it  improves your  digestion, liver and kidney functioning.
  •  Regularly drink Coriander water for Stimulating kidney functioning.
  • Boil 5 tea cups of water and add 10 pieces of Cinnamon sticks for a min and also add a tablespoon of honey and  drink it hot is a good home remedy.
  • Do Cold hip baths regularly, for 10 minutes which helps in reducing cholesterol. 

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