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Home Remedies to Increase Sperm Count and Motility

home remedies to increase Sperm count

The sperm count and motility can be increase by using medicines, but not with home made items and home remedies you can reduce infertility problem and can increase your sperm count and be more fertile.

  1. Mix Almonds, Pistachios, Sunflower seeds, Cashew nuts and Raisins  and eat 1/2 bowl daily will increase sperm count.
  2. Eat ripe Mango fruit regularly can improve the semen count.
  3. Consume garlic everyday to improve sperm count.
  4. Banana has sulphur and iron contents , So consume Banana daily increase sperm count and motility.
  5. To improve Sperm count Roast Black gram, boil it in milk, mix with cardamom, sugar and raisins to make kheer or Payasam and consume it  regularly.
  6. To improve sperm count give peeled and fried Bengal gram in moderate quantities to eat.
  7. Mix Bengal gram Flour with pieces of dry dates and add milk and sugar and consume it frequently to improve your sperm count.
  8. Consume two spoons of crushed and ground dry dates in milk with honey everyday.
  9. Eat sweet halva made of carrot frequently.
  10. To improve sperm count and avoid premature ejaculation Eat Water Gourd regularly.
  11. Have to tender Cucumber daily will increase sperm count.
  12. Eat the chutney made of jack fruit seeds will increase your sperm count.
  13. Eat few cashew nut daily.
  14. Eat Bel fruit daily.
  15. Try to eat Sapota (indian fruit)  regularly.

Do exercise regularly and be relax and calm and enjoy your sexual life will reduces infertility problems that are faced by the couples.

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