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Premenstrual syndrome is the extreme difficult condition which is commonly shown up to 80% of women at any time during their reproductive stages.

Curing premenstrual syndrome is the issue as the major cause of it is not particularly known hence trying to cure the same with the only one finding source cause is imbalance in estrogen release. It is believed that balancing estrogen hormone in the body naturally heals the premenstrual related pains like bloating, anxiety, constipation, stress, depression, muscle spasms, food carvings, cramps, tenderness of breast and pain.

Healing the cause is the best cure to PMS and here are the foods that consumption balances the release of estrogen in the body and naturally treating the root cause to PMS…….Check them…..[divider]


1. Eggs

Eggs are rich protein food that can satiate the requirement of the body and as well as maintains the bodies energy. Consuming boiled or fried eggs fulfils the premenstrual related carvings and satisfies the nutritious prerequisites. Eggs are the dense sources of essentials to the body required to balance the hormones and naturally heals the body from menstrual cramps, breast pain, head ache and other pains.[divider]chickpeas

2. Chickpeas

Chick peas are the best source of iron and other minerals that can treat the metabolism of the body as well as it maintains the hormonal balance. Chickpeas are the high energy booster of iron with 5gm per cup which satisfies most of the day’s requirement and is very essential for blood oxygen circulation and cures the most of premenstrual related pains and cramps. Chick peas are tasty addition to many of the foods like salads, curries or for direct consumption give the power back energy with all the iron and other minerals, vitamins, proteins contents in it.[divider]pumpkin seeds

3. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds another interesting food that can hold the hormonal balance in the body which is notified for its high iron, zinc, magnesium and other proteins which make it a value source of healthy snack. A cup of pumpkin seeds contains 2 mg of iron and it satisfies 17% of days requirement of iron to the body and cures most of the pains relating to the premenstrual period. The seeds also taste great with the home made savouries and also give the tasty healthy blast as well as heal the body from the pains that cause cramps and spasms of the periods.[divider]salmon

4. Salmon

Eating salmon is the other best way to keep the hormonal balance in the body and giving the body required amount of vitamin D which helps to reduce the symptoms of PMS. Salmon is the rich sources of vitamin D, vitamin B6 and omega 3 fats which help to reduce the irritation, tenderness in breast and muscle spasms severely occurred due to premenstrual syndrome.[divider]broccoli

5. Broccoli

Broccoli is the cruciferous veggie which is the high source for iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, vitamins and other amino acids which is the perfect health balance to the women suffering with premenstrual syndrome issues. The chemical in the broccoli is the best medicine to treat the excess estrogen hormone in the body and helps to balance its release. This makes broccoli as the best choice to women who are accounted to the premenstrual syndrome.[divider]soya

6. Soy

Soy is the best source of protein served as a best remedy to cure the menstrual cramps, hot flashes and pains during premenstrual period. High consumption of soy proteins helps the women to get rid of the breast tenderness during PMS as well as it decreases the breast cancer chances to very low. Soy’s phytoestrogens and disoflavones are the key components in releasing excess and maintaining the right estrogen levels in the body naturally treating the major cause of the premenstrual syndrome.[divider]flax seeds

7. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are the miraculous cure for the women suffering with menstrual issues and are the right food to maintain the estrogen hormones release in the body. The lignans of the flax seeds protects the body from the excess estrogen secretion as well as protects the breast tissues from the risk of cancer. Regular consumption of flax seeds helps to relieve from tenderness of breasts, muscle spasms, bloating and abdominal pain occurred in pre menstrual syndrome.[divider]brussel sprouts

8. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are the other best cure to premenstrual syndrome as its high fiber eases the symptoms of it. The rich fiber content of these sprouts helps to cure bloating, puffiness, gas, discomfort, irritation, swelling, tenderness and depression sourced from the premenstrual syndrome. It also helps to maintain the balance in the hormone metabolism and naturally heals the issues caused due to excess or low release of the women hormones.[divider]

Here are the few foods whose consumption can ease the menstrual pain and all the issues relating to Premenstrual Syndrome. EAT and BEAT…PMS


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