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Multitasking is nothing but a person performing more than one task simultaneously at the same time. Now scientists revealed that women are very much better in multitasking than men.

Women find it simpler in shifting to different tasks one after the other and also their brains does not need any extra resources in preforming the tasks, which is opposite to male brains. The women’s brains function differently in different situations and they are also active in multitasking. In women, switching to tasks simultaneously involves activation of certain areas in the brain, regardless of gender and age.

The researchers revealed that the gender could be seen in the brain activation in switching from one task to another in the participants who are aged between 45 and 50 years and in case of people aged 50 years and above, the gender differences are seen in the brain activation or in switching tasks speedily.

It was also revealed based on the MRI scans,it says that women are good at multitasking than men because male brains requires more mental energy in shifting from one task to another than the female brains do.

Hence, the researchers concluded that women are ore organised even under pressure and stress and they spend some time in thinking before starting a task and finish it more smartly where as men jump directly into the task without thinking and they struggle to finish the task.  


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