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Relationships are of two types – low quality relationships and high quality relationships. Our physical and mental health depends on the surroundings in which we stay. 

Young people who are entering adulthood tend to live with high quality relationships where they feel more comfortable, satisfied, connected and happy with the near by people. On the other hand, these people tend to feel stressed and unhappy with the low quality relationships.

Experts revealed that there is a direct link between the quality of relationships and the health of the person. It was proved that high quality relations are associated with better physical and mental fitness and it is better to get out of the low quality relationships that lasts for longer periods of time.

Many studies have been made to find the effectiveness of health and relations particularly in the context of marriage. It was also pointed out that high quality relationships which lasts for longer periods are more beneficial. The experts also suggested that it is good to be single or alone than staying in a low quality relationships for long time. The study found that the poor quality partnerships damages a person’s health and gets even worse if stayed together for more years.

Hence, the longer you stay in high quality relationships and the faster you come out of the poor quality relationships – betters your physical and mental health.


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