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We all know that Diwali is a festival of lights and happiness but at the same time we also fire crackers as a traditional custom. Colorful lights and fire crackers sparkling in the sky has a significant role on Diwali which is celebrated on new moon (amavasya) night.

Diwali is celebrated in the south in the form of lights and fire crackers because the Lord Rama has killed Narakasura and saved the lives of many people in his kingdom. Now the health experts revealed that the smoke turning out from fire crackers have a negative effect on the air quality and also on the humans health.

Not only the smoke coming out of the crackers is dangerous to people but also there are many cases of burns and deaths reported every year. This smoke is affecting the respiratory system of the people and leads to asthma. Hence, the doctors are cautioning the people to avoid firing crackers which is causing breathlessness, severe cough and discomfort in the throat. The scientists claimed that these disorders are due to the attack during Diwali and there are chances of getting asthma. The chemicals included in the preparations of fire crackers leads to severe smoke leading respiratory disorders.

The chemicals such as aluminium powder, sulphur, barium nitrate, etc are mixed in the fire crackers and exposed to smoke when fired. They release carbon-di-oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, manganese, and cadmium which damages the respiratory system.  These are considered to be very dangerous when inhaled by the older people and children.

The researchers reported many cases of asthma just due to Diwali celebrations. Hence, they warned not to fire crackers excessively and prevent the respiratory diseases. 


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