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As we all know that exposure to harmful pollution leads to many health diseases. Now the researchers found that the children who lives in urban areas are more exposed to pollution when involved in daily exercises.

The researchers said that the children exercising in the cities are at higher risks of pollution like exposure to black carbon which is the traffic related pollutant than the children who are less physically active. Such black carbon when inhaled by the children will have adverse impact on their health. As we all know that the physical activity benefits the respiratory system and overall health of the body but the exposure to high levels of black carbon through traffic restricts such positive effect on the health.

The scientists wanted to find out whether physical exercises are riskier to children living in cities when exposed to black carbon and if such exposure has a negative impact on their respiratory system. Finally the study revealed that physically active children in cities are exposed to 25% higher concentration of black carbon than the children who are less active. The study included 129 children between the ages 9 and 14 years. It also included each child’s particular sensitivity to indoor and outdoor allergies when exposed to traffic related pollution.

Hence, all the parents should take prior precautions while sending their children to outdoor physical activity in cities. Make arrangements that they are engaged in physical activities inside your living premises rather than sending them outside. This leads to prevent the children from causing diseases through pollution from black carbon.



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