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In our country, many people suffer from heart diseases causing deaths due to heart attacks or strokes. Some people suffer from heart burn and some suffer from heart attacks. Most of them think that the burning or the pain in the chest region is a heart attack. 

Heart burn is nothing but a burning sensation in the chest region which is caused when you probably have a heavy meal. It is the common condition which is caused by the stomach acids and raises in to esophagus. This sometimes causes chest pain which passes to your neck, throat and jaw. When the blood flow to the heart is reduced it is termed as Angina. There are similarities between the heart burn, angina and heart attack.

The symptoms of a heart burn starts at the breast bone and may move towards the throat. Sometimes, people may feel that the food is coming back into the mouth. It causes belching or bloating in the stomach due to gastric acids. While the heart attack is the heart disease that causes breathlessness. Heart burn can be treated and cured with few home remedies or drugs but a heart attack should be handled with care and an utmost attention has to be given to the patient suffering from heart attack. Immediate doctor’s treatment is needed here.

The researchers revealed that the two can be easily distinguished by using a simple test called ” CT angio ” which can test the patient whether he is suffering from heart attack or heart burn. This test takes hardly 5 seconds which is similar to taking a photo. 


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