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A hip is a joint where the top portion of the thigh bone or femur and the pelvic bone meet. A hip fracture is a gap or break in the upper part of the femur. The extent of pain and treatment depends on how the tissues and bones inside are affected. 

Usually elderly people suffer from hip fracture because their bones becomes weaker as the age goes up. It was noticed that 1 in 2 old people are suffering from hip fracture which makes them physically inactive and allows them to depend on others to move and perform their daily personal activities. Every year, nearly 3 lakh older people are hospitalized to undergo surgeries due to hip fractures.

The researchers tried to collect the data regarding the status, physical condition or ability of 733 older people who are of age 65 years, before and after the hip fracture surgery. They analysed whether they were independently able to take care of themselves after the surgery or not such as bathing, dressing, eating, going to washroom alone, etc.

They finally found that they were less than 50% chances of recovery after the surgery when compared to pre-fracture level. It was more lesser in older people who age is 85 years and above. Taking into account all the considerable factors, only 31% of the people have reached the early level of functioning after the surgery, 34% of them were able to move and 41% of them were able to climb stairs as before.

Hence, it was advised to all the patients and the people around us to be aware of the outcomes and expectations after the hip fracture surgery so that based on the level of the ability of the patient to work, the caretakers can provide the utmost care and support for faster recovery. 


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