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Many people these days are suffering from cataracts which effects their eye vision and slowly leads to blindness. Cataract is a dense and cloudy area which is formed in the eye lens.

Cataract actually begins after the age of 40 years and most common in older people. It occurs when the proteins in the eyes get deactivated and forms in to clumps. These clumps prevent the eye lens from sending the clear pictures to the retina. This retina works as a mediator by converting the light rays that falls on the eye ball and sends the signals to the optic nerve and then simultaneously to the brain.

There are three primary types of cataracts. As a person’s age increases, any one or a combinations of these types may occur or develop over time. They are…


1. Nuclear sclerotic cataracts:Nuclear sclerotic cataracts

The most common primary type of age related eye cataract is nuclear sclerotic cataracts. They are caused by yellowing and hardening of the lens over time. The word “nuclear” refers to gradual clouding of the central part of the lens called “Nucleus” and the word “sclerotic” refers to hardening of the nucleus called “sclerosis”.

This type of cataract slowly changes the eye ability to focus and may gradually loses the eye sight. It improves the close-up vision.


2. Cortical cataracts:cortical cataract

Cortical refers to white or cloudy area that occurs outside or at the edges of the eye lenses. The water content in the lens forms like the spokes or fissures around the eye ball towards the centre. The light that enters the eye lens scatters and causes the blurred vision. Mostly diabetic patients are likely to develop such cortical cataracts.


3. Posterior subcapsular cataracts:Posterior subcapsular cataracts

This type of cataract occurs in the posterior area of the eye lens. A cloudy area is formed at the back surface of the lens. “Subcapsular” means a small membrane that forms beneath the lens and holds the eye vision. They interfere with reading and people who use steroids, who is suffering from diabetes and have extreme nearsightedness may develop this type of cataracts. It develops rapidly and see the symptoms easily.


These types of cataracts are mostly treated by surgeries after careful diagnosis. After diagnosing the type of cataraact, the doctors prescribe the treatments accordingly.





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