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Bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis is an embarrassing condition for the child and the parent though is normal in younger aged children but creates a bigger problem if continues with age.

Finding the solution and treating in time is the best choice in treating enuresis and the difficulty arises with the psychological and other causes leading to the trouble. The various medicinal and remedial techniques show healthy ways to control and cure the issue. In some cases the cure might not be that easy as it might be difficult to find the reason or curing technique which varies from one to one. How about having a single treat to all causes…??

Not Kidding…the answer is YOGA poses. Yoga the ancient Indian technique in activating body, strengthening and disease healing since thousands of years is the best option for bed wetting total cure. Check with these 2 simple yoga techniques…..[divider]


Chakrasana or wheel pose is called as the pose looks like a circle or semi circle and is very effective in strengthening the abdominal muscles, back and other body parts to get rid of bed wetting.chakrasana


  • Lie flat on the mat on your back facing the sky.
  • Spread the legs apart that there might be 2 feet length distance between two legs.
  • And now bend the knees and bring them back close to the buttocks as the feet touch them.
  • Now bend your hands and place them on the floor so the fingers touches the shoulders in inward facing.
  • Take a slow breath and using the force of hands and legs lift the buttocks then torso from the floor.
  • Abdomen area should face the sky by pushing the body upwards and should be in an inverted u shape.
  • Feel the full air in the lungs and the rushing of the blood to the head as it is in inverted position.
  • Keep the pose for few seconds and then slowly with draw in the pose with the help of elbows and legs by slowing down the body to touch the floor.
  • Now relax the hands and then legs and lie on the floor flat for few more seconds. Relax your body and repeat the same.


  • It strengthens the abdominal muscles and bladder helps in restraining bed wetting.
  • Strengthens the muscles of legs and hands.
  • It gives body flexibility and helps in digestion, relieving from constipation.
  • Improves the performance of liver, pancreas and kidney functioning.
  • Sharpens the brain and central nervous system.
  • Increases the body’s and spinal cord’s elasticity.
  • It is an excellent pose to get healthy heart and vessel functioning.


  • Beginners need expert support to practice.
  • Keeping the breathing in rhythm is very important.
  • If got any spinal cord issues, back pains, knee joints or hinge joints troubles need to avoid the pose attempting without any expert advice and support.
  • It should be practiced during morning and evening only.

[divider]2. Matsyasana[divider]

Matsyasana is a pose practiced by lying on the back and stretching the spine, chest and neck areas. This asana is easy to perform by any one and for those who are prohibited to do shoulder exercises also can do this yoga pose without any difficulty. This can be performed in three positions padmasana, vajrasana and savasana. This asana is a boon to those suffering from bed wetting trouble and helps to get rid of it.Mastyasana


  • Lie on a mat and straighten all your body parts in a single line and now relax your complete body.
  • Now place the hands side by the head by pointing the finger towards the shoulders.
  • Now take a slow breath and with the help of hands and palms lift the body from the chest area slightly upward and tilt the head.
  • Head should be rested on the ground bending the neck in u shape and now deepen the arch by lifting the chest and neck up.
  • Place the elbows and knees on the floor.
  • Keep the position for few seconds or as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Total process must be continued with even breathing.
  • Then release slowly the position by releasing the hands, head and chest slowly to the normal positions.


  • Helps to stretch the abdominal muscles, chest and neck regions and helps in relieving tenderness and strengthens the muscles.
  • It helps to control the bed wetting trouble in children.
  • Helps to relieve neck and shoulders pain.
  • Helps to strengthen the thyroid gland and its functioning.
  • Relieves from all respiratory disorders including asthma.
  • Helps in proper bladder functioning, curing constipation and digestive disorders.


  • Beginners need to get experts advice to start.
  • People with BP issues should not attempt this pose.
  • Patients suffering from neck injuries, spinal issues should not pose.
  • Avoid this posture if you are suffering with insomnia and migraines.[divider]

Here are the two poses for children that can cure their frustrating BIG trouble to our LITTLE ones. Make them POSE….


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