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Many people across the world had experienced the symptoms of dengue fever where in the platelets count decreases. It is spread through a mosquito bite and viral infections enters into the body causing dengue. It was proved by the health experts that papaya leaves juice does miracles in treating the dengue fever at a faster rate. Let us see how it is!

The latest research have found that platelets count decreases rapidly when a patient is suffering from dengue. In this moment, intake of 25ml of papaya leaves juice twice for atleast 8 days will restrict the falling of platelets count and also brings back the count to its normal stage.

The symptoms of dengue fever are sever headache, high fever, rashes, nose and mouth bleeding, vomiting or diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, back pain, etc. There are two other forms of dengue fevers i.e dengue shock syndrome and dengue hemorrhagic fever which leads to sudden death in few cases.

It was also found that there is an increased demand for papaya plant to treat dengue effectively and instantly. It increases the total white blood cells and platelets count and sets the count to its normality. Since the dengue fever is a dangerous viral disease which is transmitted through the mosquito bite, it is better to use mosquito repellents or mosquito nets in your house.

The government is also taking efficient steps to prevent the spread of dengue or chicken guinea such as cleaning the stagnant water in unused pots or tyres, suggesting mosquito nets while sleeping, etc. You should take utmost care of the older people and children since they have less resistant power to fight against the harmful diseases. 





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