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Hiccups are a sudden and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle, when the muscle spasms, the vocal cords snap shut, producing the hiccup sound. In most cases hiccups themselves relieves in short period but in rare cases it remains for long time.

The common reason of hiccups includes eating or drinking too much, diseases irritating nervous diaphragm, abdominal surgery, brain strokes etc. If the hiccups won’t stop in few minutes need to check for the natural remedies to control.

If the hiccups are lasting for more than few minutes and we are in public makes us with high threshold of embarrassment and need to check for the remedies to stop them.  [divider]

1. Drink water

drink water

Drinking a glass of water is the best remedy. No one really knows why this works but in most of the cases the trouble controls with this remedy. Drinking water with two straws by covering the ears with finger and gulping down water in more amounts will treat the problem. This serves best in few seconds and in cases retains more then go for trying another remedy.[divider]

2. Eat sweet

eating jaggery

Eating something sweet also cures the problem and which is the simple remedy followed since ages by our elder’s tips. Chewing a spoon full sugar or jaggery and allowing slowly gulping the liquid helps to cure the problem. This is best for toddlers and children who cannot follow the breathing techniques for the same.[divider]

3. Lemonlemon wedge

Lemon is also another best remedy to treat hiccups and by having a small piece of lemon and bite into the wedge by sucking the juice. We can add some sugar or salt for the better taste. And biting lemon gives a sudden surprise reaction to our taste buds and nervous system and it works in the similar way like the person was made to shock to treat the hiccup problem.[divider]

4. Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is also another best natural home remedy to trigger the trouble and drinking apple cider vinegar assaults on the taste buds likewise lemon and gives instant cure. Gulping a spoon full of apple cider vinegar directly treats its better than diluting with water.[divider]

5. Cardamom powder

cardomom tea

Cardamom powder is also another best remedy to treat hiccups and for this we need to prepare cardamom tea. By boiling 2 cups of water and add cardamom powder to it in a teaspoon quantity and strain it. Allow it to cool and drink, which helps to relax the diaphragm muscles and cures the hiccups.[divider]

Very full stomach also cause bouts of hiccups and this can be avoided by eating and drinking slow instead of gulping them.

Though stress and excitement and sudden environmental changes may cause the trouble and if the trouble not cured even after few minutes and trying of home remedies then consulting a doctor is the best remedy.

Persistent hiccups may lead to exhaustion and sleeplessness.


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