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Flu causes the person the miserable state with cold, cough, sore throat, nasal block, body pains, and fever. When you came down with chills and fever along with these symptoms above listed it is likely that you are affected with Flu.

The most causing factor of this trouble is the germs outside that is due to 83 % of viruses and 97 % of bacteria’s cause this trouble. When we caught hold of this trouble we need to enlist the available help to treat this dreaded flu.

Along with medications here are some home remedies to treat the flu effectively by boosting the body metabolism. Try these simple home remedies for cure of flu…[divider]

1. Steam treat

steam inhale

Steaming is the best cure for all sorts of colds and breathing aroma steam helps to cure the flu related trouble. For this we can take an aroma steam. Take a bowl and fill it with half water and boil it by closing with a lid and when the water boils take it out of flame. And add some aroma oils like eucalyptus oil, methol to it. And then cover yourself with a towel and inhale the steam as much as possible which opens the bronchial tubes and eases congestion and makes the breathe easier.[divider]

2. Gargle


Gargling with salt water can treat the bacteria and virus affecting the trouble as well as cure sore throat. Take a tea spoon of salt and mix it to a glass of warm water. Mix well and gargle with it to reduce the tickle of the throat. We can also gargle with natural antiseptic liquids like adding cayenne and sage leaves to boiled water. Allow them to steep for 10 minutes and add 50 ml of honey and a pinch of salt. Let it cool and gargle with this solution for best treating the trouble.[divider]

3. Drink hot

hot soup

Drinking hot liquids like soups with black pepper also gives the cure and better relief. Chicken soup is the best cure using since generations in treating flu effectively. Prepare some chicken stock soup and add some spices to it and drink hot. Don’t forgot to add pepper punch to the soup and this may bring you to relief from the cold and cough as well as boosts the heat,  immunity in our body and helps in getting rid of the problem.  [divider]

4. Eat infection fighting foods

flu fighting food

Eat some infection fighting foods that can battle cold or flu. Vitamin C of peppers treats the body as antibiotic agents. Bananas soothe the body infections thrown out of intestines and treat the disease causing bacteria. Chili peppers and mustards can open sinuses and help break up mucus and also breaks the mucus of air passages. Onions and rice curbs diarrhea and bronchitis infections.[divider]

5. Hot Cocoa


Hot cocoa is the best for treating cough and the theorbromine ingredient of it cures well. Researches shown that theobromine acts on the vagus nerve, which spurs coughing. A cup of cocoa made with low fat milk and dark chocolate offers antioxidant benefits and hot milk helps as sleep inducing agent by relaxing the body. Hot chocolate helps in treating the body metabolism in the best way to retreat from the flu effects.[divider]

The right remedy to cure is to identify the right cause and sometimes diagnosing the normal fevers with flu also increase the difficulty than treating it.

Try these home remedies to treat flu and in case of increased trouble consulting the doctor for better medical care is always suggestible.







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